Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JSerra visits and sings at Fonte Colombo near Rieti in Umbria

Fonte Colombo is located around three miles away from Rieti in Umbria. The Franciscan Monastery there is known as the Sinai, where Saint Francis wrote the "Rule" of the Franciscan order. There you truly have a sense of walking in the steps of the Catholic friar and preacher. It marks the place where Saint Francis wrote the Later Rule of 1223, confirmed by Pope Honorius III on 29 November. The name Fonte Colombo derives from the Latin "fons columbarum" (the fountain of doves). Fonte Colombo was consecrated in 1450 by Cardinal Nicolò di Cusa. It is dedicated to St. Francis and St. Bernardine of Siena. The JSerra Catholic HS Chamber Choir is presenting a unique concert here today at 5 pm for the few Franciscan Friars that remain at Fonte Colombo.

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